Tampereen Napapiiri offers a variety of groups that have open doors for anyone and everyone looking for peer support. The groups are concerned with issues regarding children, families and pregnancy. Joining any of the groups usually requires no signing up or commitment – you may pay a visit or decide to stay and come again. It is also possible to start new groups at Napapiiri, if you can’t find a group to suit your needs.

The groups usually provide for tea and coffee + something sweet to snack on, and participants are kindly asked to pay a few euros to help cover the charges for the supplies and the space. Should you be interested in babywearing or books on the above mentioned topics, you may have a look at our books and baby carriers and slings at the meetings. Just ask for help if you want to know more or rent something.


You are welcome to explore our various groups:

INTERNATIONAL PARENTS - Our very own group for international families. Come and share what you have on your mind - about life in Finland or life in general. Every Thursday from 9.30 to 12.

PERHEKAHVILA - Meeting time for families with kids of all ages. Every Friday from 10 to 12.30. Get a cup of coffee, chat with other parents and let your children find new friends meanwhile.

VAUVAKAHVILA - Baby cafe. Every Wednesday from 11 to 13. Meet other moms and dads and share the joys and challenges of having a baby.

TAAPEROKAHVILA - Toddler cafe. Every Thursday from 13 to 15. A special meeting time for parents with toddlers from 10 to 24 months.

ISIEN JA LASTEN KAHVILA - Meeting time for fathers and their children. Last Wednesday of the month from 17 to 19. Here you can meet other fathers and talk about ice hockey and power drills, or just drink coffee.

IMETYSTUKIRYHMÄ - Breastfeeding peer group. Second Wednesday of the month at 17.30. Trained breastfeeding peer counselors are here to help you with your breastfeeding issues.

DOULAILLAT - Doula meetings. (Follow the link to check meeting times). Here you can meet doulas (birth companions), ask what they do and how they can be helpful in your delivery.

KESTOVAIPPATAPAAMISET - Meetings for parents interested in cloth diapers. Last Monday of the month from 10 to 13. Come here if you want to know more about cloth diapering, or share your expertise in them!